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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How does the process work?

    First, get a FREE cash offer on our website to get an instant cash offer price for your Apple device.

    Second, you'll be shown the guaranteed cash offer price for your device. To lock in your price for 30 days, please click the "accept offer" button. You'll fill out the quick form and tell us where you are sending your device from, and how you would like to be paid. There is no obligation to sell. After clicking "accept offer" one more time, you will get an instant FedEx shipping label that is fully insured and includes online tracking and delivery confirmation. Print the label, package your device in accordance with our shipping instructions, and drop of at your local FedEx location.

    Third, within 1-2 business days after delivery, you will be paid for your Mac or iPad. During that time we test it and confirm it meets the description in your quote, then send you confirmation of your payment and immediately mail your check or send your Instant Paypal payment!

    Every step of the way you will be kept up to date with communication regarding your shipment. You'll be able to track your package on our Track Your Mac page. We'll send you an email confirming delivery, payment approval, and when your payment has been sent.

    Cancel Anytime, and we will ship your Mac back to you for FREE! No risk or strings attached. We'll send it back to you with shipping insurance to ensure safe arrival. There is no risk because your shipment will always be insured and the shipping charges always pre-paid by Quality Macs.

  • Q: How can I trust your site?

    Quality Macs.com is a registered business operating in beautiful San Diego, California. Our friendly support staff can be reached 365 days a year by calling 1 (877) 500-4439 or by emailing us at support@qualitymacs.com. All shipments securely delivered to our Downtown San Diego Office:

    3944 Murphy Canyon Road
    San Diego, CA 92123.

    You can get live tracking information every step of the way and obtain free tracking and delivery confirmation by visiting our Track Your Mac page.

    We have over a decade of positive customer feedback and have honestly paid out over $1,250,000.00 in to sellers like you from across America. Established on October 9th, 2002 on eBay, we've earned a prestigious 100% positive feedback rating over 1,500 positive customer reviews and 100% positive rating.

    Payments@Quality Macs.com has been a Verified PayPal Business Account user since 2001 (Over 14 years!) Click here to verify our Account on PayPal website (Note: PayPal Login required to verify our identity using PayPal).

    We proudly issue all Business Check and Cashier Check payments from our secure banking partner U.S. Bank, located at 1455 Frazee Rd #104, San Diego, CA 92108.

    All shipping labels we send are FREE and fully insured for your cash offer amount plus shipping, so you're fully covered in the rare event that your shipment is damaged during shipping, as long as your package is packed properly to meet shipping insurance eligibility (see FedEx shipping guidelines for instrutions on how to properly ship).

  • Q: How long is my quote good for?

    Your quote is valid for 30 days after you receive it.

    If you need more time, contact us for an extension.

    If the price has changed, we'll notify you.

    At any point, you can cancel the sale and request that your Mac be returned to you (We'll even pay for requesteturn shipping)

  • Q: Am I guaranteed to be paid the price that I am quoted?

    YES, as long as you accurately described your itemwe guarantee you will be paid in full the cash offer amount in your Cash Offer Quote - No haggling, ever.

    If the item(s) you send to us do not match the original quote you provided us, then we will email you with a revised quote along with photos describing any issues and your revised cash offer.

    At any point prior to receiving payment, you can cancel the sale and request that your Mac be returned to you (We'll even pay for return shipping to you).

  • Q: What happens if the Mac I am selling you does not arrive as described or broken?

    If your Mac arrives "not as described" we will email you and tell you how it differs from your description. We will give you an updated quote based upon the actual condition. We will even include photos of any damage. Most of the time our customers agree with our revised quote as we always try to be fair. If you are not satisfied, then we can return the item to you at no additional cost.

    If your Mac arrives broken or with major damage that you were not aware of, we will file a shipping insurance claim on your behalf and do everything we can to get you paid in FULL. Quality Macs will review how the item was packaged and will solely determine if your claim is eligible for payment. If your item was properly packaged, then the shipping insurance claim will approved, and you will be paid in full your original cash offer.

    To meet shipping insurance eligibility, packages sent to Quality Macs must be shipped with 3-4" of padding on all sides, in a secure tightly packed box with no loose items that can rattle around and cause damage during shipping. (View FedEx Shipping Instructions)

    If you have an iMac or Mac Pro with the original box and foam inserts, you can ship the item directly in the original box. It is imperative the unit is properly packaged in to the original foam blocks that hold the unit in place. If in doubt, refer to our shipping instructions.

  • Q: I have the shipping label you sent, but I haven't shipped it yet and it's a week old. Can I still use it for shipping?

    Yes, the label is valid anytime so Fedex will accept it up to 30 days after the ship date listed on the label.

    All shipments are fully insured via Fedex.

    To meet shipping insurance eligibility, packages sent to Quality Macs must be shipped with 3-4" of padding on all sides, in a secure tightly packed box with no loose items that can rattle around and cause damage during shipping. (View FedEx Shipping Instructions)

  • Q: Will you delete all my personal information when I sell you my Mac?

    Yes, we will fully restore every Mac we receive so there is no worries about your data or contacts getting to someone else. We would never share your information with anyone.

    The very first step of our inspection process is to erase all personal data by completely erasing and reformatting the entire hard drive, prior to moving forward. No team members are allowed to power on a computer without first erasing our customer's personal information.

    For added security, we encourage our customers to securely erase their user account prior to shipping.

  • Q: Will you share my personal information safe that I submit through your site?

    No, we will not share or sell your information such as email, phone number, or address with anyone else. You can trust that your information will be kept confidential and secure.

    View our full privacy policy and terms and conditions by clicking the links at the bottom of every page.

  • Q: How long does the entire process take?

    Quality Macs strives to be the fastest at getting you paid. Within just 1-2 business days after we've received your shipment we will open, inspect, and confirm your payment approval. Then your full payment will be issued within 24 hours after your payment approval via PayPal Instant Payment, Apple Store Gift Card, or Business or Cashier's Check.

    We ship all packages with FedEx Ground delivery service, and shipments are always fully insured. Normal transit time is between 1-5 business days depending on your location in the United States. Quality Macs is located in beautiful San Diego, CA and can be contacted at 1 (877) 500-4439 or via email at support@qualitymacs.com

  • Q: How do I know you are giving me a good deal?

    Our primary mission to pay you MORE CASH for your used Apple Computer or iPad. We are always comparing prices with the competition and make sure that the cash offers we send are higher than Gazelle.com, SellYourMac.com, and most other leading buyers of Macs online.

    We will match and exceed most competitive offers - simply send proof of their best quote to us, and submit a cash offer quote request, and put the competitive offer price and link to their page in the comments box before pressing submit.

    Quality Macs will pay up to $200 more cash vs. the competition AUTOMATICALLY - no promo code required. Click here to request your free cash offer. We will automatically compare prices and boost your cash offer by up to $150 vs the competition!

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